IKF Grand Prix in Tehran, Iran

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IKF ASIAwe have celebrating the Persian National New Year which starts at the beginning of the Spring. Traditionally, there are two weeks of celebrations with almost the entire country participating. This event has been recognized by the United Nation as a world wide tradition for the participating nations. The IKF Asia under the direction of Shihan Amir Mosadegh held its first Grand Prix.

These tournaments had close relation and cooperation of IKF, WKF, PKA and IKF/PKB under the direct supervision of Shihan Amir Mosadegh and cooperation of Mostafa Mosadegh, WKF president in Iran.

For the first time this events were held in four different styles including Kickboxing (low kick), Full Contact, Semi Contact (point kickboxing) and personal skills and cold weapons held in four different age groups (kids, juniors, teenagers, adults) and more than 500 well recognized fighters from the entire nation participated.

In addition, Iranian high ranking authorities, including the Grand Master Rahim Mosadegh and Mohamad Mosadegh and the vice president of the Ministery of Physical Education DR. Shahin Mohamad Sadeghi and also members of the Iranian parliament such as MR. Hossien Garoosi who is an advising board member, himself a martial artist. This gentleman and Shihan Amir Mosadegh both are members of Martial Arts Committee and fraction of the Iranian parliment which is responsible for all judiciary decisions regarding the sport of Martial Arts. Also few of the superstars of the Iranian show business and also a high ranking memeber of the Iranian National Olympic Committee and also the President and the vice president of the Iranian Martial Arts Committee whom mostly have great respect for Shihan Amir Mosadegh, participate The final day of these events were the most exiting day in which a great number of people participated which gave an amazing atmosphere to the location which was a recognized sports complex in Tehran called “Shahid Keshvari”.

Due to coinciding of the final day with the prior day before the National Holiday, we could not broadcast the events on the IKF site but we are working on it diligently to have broadcasted within the next few days. This is to mention that these event created a great recognition for the IKF for the first time in Iran. Now most of the champions are familiar with the IKF and realize the importance of this organization specially due to the fact that this tournament was broadcasted in the national Television. The name IKF was mentioned several times by a number of networks in Iran including interviews with Shihan Amir Mosadegh.

These are three major metropolitan cities including Tehran, Esfehan, and the Kish Island. This event will be held with full force which we are positive is going to be recognized internationally using our great result and experience we gained from the Iran tournament we held few weeks ago.

At the end, Shihan Amir Mosadegh, on behalf of IKF Asia would like to thank everybody who supported these events, cheered for the fighters, participated in the events, all the champions, all high ranking staff in Iranian Martial Arts community. We would also like to thank the Iranian National TV who broadcasted the events nationally for the first time and announced Shihan Amir Mosadegh to be the head coach of Iranian National Kickboxing Team (Low Kick). Iranian National Team has also announced that Iran will be the host of Asian Kickboxing Championship.

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