Prague championship 2014

October 7, 2014 / 0 COMMENTS / 542 VIEWS

    Once more shihan Amir Mosadegh is preparing Iran’s national team to participate in Prague championship 2014 , a complete team with full force in every category , right now they are hard at work practicing in the camp in order to demonstrate their full potential.

      WKF CZECH REPUBLIC president Dr. jur. Michal FRABSA and his team promote the WKF World Championships. Scheduled in November, 10th -15th in Prague, Czech Republic, venue is Arena Sparta. Shihan Amir Mosadegh in going to send the national team to this world championship. “It is a great opportunity for me to be in WKF […]

Mostafa Mosadegh will fight Alex from Russia

August 12, 2012 / 0 COMMENTS / 485 VIEWS

Mostafa Mosadegh, world Thai Boxing Champion, will fight Alex from Russia on 29th of August, 2012 in Bangla Boxing Stadium in Phuket, Thailand. More news to come!

World Thai Boxing Championship Title for Mostafa Mosadegh

July 30, 2012 / 0 COMMENTS / 707 VIEWS

Mostafa Mosadegh has won the World Title in Thai Boxing Championships, held in Phuket, Thailand today. Mostafa defeated his Thai opponent, Tahanaek Saisilek Khon in a single match. He was not a stranger in Phulet, because he is a four time champion in Lumpinee Stadium. This popularity helped him win the match. Although Mostafa is […]

IKF Grand Prix in Tehran, Iran

May 9, 2011 / 0 COMMENTS / 497 VIEWS

we have celebrating the Persian National New Year which starts at the beginning of the Spring. Traditionally, there are two weeks of celebrations with almost the entire country participating. This event has been recognized by the United Nation as a world wide tradition for the participating nations. The IKF Asia under the direction of Shihan […]

Shahrooz Wins the International Championship Title

July 23, 2010 / 0 COMMENTS / 464 VIEWS

Shahrooz Panahi from Iran won the IKF International Championship Belt at Kish Island IKF International Championship Belt bout at The Second Martial Arts Festival at Kish Island, Iran. He managed to beat Syed Mohammad Sadjadi from Afghanistan. The match was Light weight (-95KG) International Championship Title (IKF Rules, Low Kick). The Second Martial Arts Festival […]

Mostafa Mosadegh from Iran, was announced the winner, after his opponent Harry Robert Anthony from England despite weight classification and presence in the stadium, failed to show up at the match for the IKF World Championship Belt qualifier bout at The Second Martial Arts Festival at Kish Island, Iran. The match was Cruiserweight (-86KG) World […]

Behrooz Mohammadi from Iran, won the IKF Asian Championship Belt at The Second Martial Arts Festival at Kish Island, Iran. He beat his opponent, Sayan Sirimongkhian from Thailand and won the fierce match on the third round. The match was on the style of Welterweight (-67KG) for the Asian Championship Title (IKF Rules, Low Kick). […]

IKF World and Asian Championship Events at Kish Island

July 19, 2010 / 0 COMMENTS / 1016 VIEWS

IKF Asia is proud to announce that three matches will be held in the style of kickboxing at The Second Martial Arts Festival this year. The fights will be for World and Asian Championships.   The fighter profiles are as follows: Bout 1 – Heavy Weight World Championship Title (IKF Rules, Low Kick) Patrice Quarteron […]

The Second Martial Arts Festival

June 15, 2010 / 0 COMMENTS / 306 VIEWS

The Second Martial Arts Festival will be held from 17th to 22nd July 2010 in Kish Island in the south of Iran. This event is held by Martial Arts Federation of Iran under auspices of Physical Education Organization of Iran. It is expected that hundreds of athletes and official statures will take part in this […]

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