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Welcome to the Official Site of Persian International Martial Arts Federation

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Iran, the birthplace of ancient civilization, has seen many ups and downs in its seven thousand years of history. Iran used to be the heart of the ancient world. Located on the Silk Road, Iran contained all the world’s civilization, science and trade for many centuries. Some signs of this great civilization are evident in Persepolis, Kasra Arch, Isfahan Monuments, ancient city of Yazd and many other places in Iran. Remains of these signs can still be found in former Iranian territories, extending to the borders of China in the East; the borders of Europe in the West; Russia in the North; and to Saudi Arabia peninsular in the South.

Being located in such an strategic area, Iran has seen many invasions from its neighboring countries in its long history. Therefore, people of Iran had to be prepared for battle to defend the country all the time.

This defensive spirit turned into a social necessity and brought martial arts into the lives of Iranians. Due to strong body build and physique in Iranians, martial arts were well received.

Iranians were skilled swordsmen, expert horsemen and proficient archers. Later on as eastern sports made their way into the middle-east, martial arts were practiced among other Iranian wrestling competitions.

Traditional Iranian sports are as old as other ancient civilizations; however, due to lack of attention to these sports in past centuries, they have lost their place.

Today, Master Amir Mosadegh, who is a world champion and a known sportsman in Iran, Asia and Europe and has won numerous titles and achievements, has established Persian International Martial Arts Federation (PIMAF).

He founded PIMAF to promote scientific teachings of martial arts in accordance with the latest developments in sports and in balance with the world to raise the physical and spiritual strength in its students.

Master Amir Mosadegh is planning to hold various courses and sessions for different ages, male and female, to highlight new sport talents in the world. He plays a major role in promoting the growing trend of youth tendency towards sports.

With the help of local and international official coaches and experts, various classes and tournaments are held to cultivate and motivate young champions.

With the goal of improving the level of martial arts in Iran and attracting more people to sport activities, he plans to invite world’s first grade coaches to Iran.

Other plans include holding referee classes and organizing sporting tours to Asian and European countries. But his main goal is to build a centralized martial arts foundation.

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